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About Us

DCS Indonesia has been in existence since 2015, with a small group of individuals gathering from the Kaskus Indonesia community, while Garuda Virtual Air Wing was established as a pioneering Virtual Air Wing in Indonesia since 2020, our group is dedicated to the meticulous simulation of various aviation scenarios within the Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) platform. Situated in the vibrant virtual skies of Indonesia, our members engage in immersive and realistic air combat simulations, precise air surface attacks, intricate aerial maneuvers, and a myriad of other aviation operations.

With a focus on authenticity and attention to detail, our virtual pilots undergo rigorous training and coordination to ensure the highest level of realism and professionalism in every mission. From coordinated Air Combat to Precision Strikes on ground targets, our Virtual Air Wing operates with strategic precision and tactical finesse.

Our Activities

We engage in various activities, but among them, our main activities include the following

Daily Training

Daily sessions focusing on aviation training using DCS and global scenarios.

Dynamic Campaign

Engaging dynamic campaigns on our Dedicated Server with themed scenarios.

Weekly Missions

Hosting custom multiplayer missions weekly, featuring unique scenarios.

Sharing Sessions

Conducting sessions to share insights on real-world operations and more.

Our Squadrons

We haven't formed squadrons yet, but we have many people who share similar interests and hobbies.

Landbase Squadron

These specialized squadrons encompass all aircraft designed for airfield operations, including tasks such as strategic strikes, combat air patrols, and various aerial missions. Operating from fixed land bases, they form a crucial component of our air defense and offensive capabilities.

Naval Aviator

Consist of aircraft specifically tailored for deployment on carriers or landing platform decks. Similar to their land-based counterparts, they undertake missions ranging from tactical strikes to reconnaissance, ensuring maritime superiority and support for naval operations worldwide.

Chopper Family

Dedicated to a versatile array of roles, including Close Air Support, Air Assault, Logistics Transport, and Combat Search and Rescue missions. Their agility and flexibility make them invaluable assets in both combat and humanitarian operations, providing critical support in various environments and scenarios.

Tactical Control

Manage essential ground-based functions such as Ground Control Interception, Joint Terminal Attack Control, and Air Traffic Control. These vital roles ensure effective coordination and communication between airborne assets and ground forces, facilitating mission success and enhancing operational safety.

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