General Rules

  • Open for Public (Registration closed since Nov 26th, 2023
  • Strictly 1v1, once you have chosen your aircraft lineup, you cannot change until the match is concluded. (ie you will use the same aircraft you chose on round 1 of the match)
  • Map used for all matches will be Caucasus
  • Aircraft Allowed: Any official DCS World module is allowed to compete though fuel amounts and weights have been changed in an attempt to give each aircraft a similar amount of flight time in full burner.
  • Ping limit of 300ms is enforced.
  • Jester is allowed if you do not have a RIO for your F14.
  • Round Setups will consist of players starting 5 miles, line abreast at 15,000ft maintaining the same heading with an airspeed of 400 knots until Jury commanding “Turn-In”
  • Turn in should be done at or as close to 15000ft as possible. Off angle is allowed as long as you maintain a hot aspect to your opponent with your nose having no more than 30 degrees of deviation from their aircraft’s nose.
  • No head on shots prior to the first 3/9 o’clock passage.
  • Turn in for initial merge will be coordinated between the Jury via Discord voice comms.
  • You must land after eliminating your opponent at the airbase centered in the engagement area. This ensures that pilots do not eliminate their target and then immediately run out fuel. Failure to make it back to the airbase safely will result in a round draw.

note: Any change of the rules will be announce in a discord announcement.

Clouds and Atmosphere setup



Confirmed Patcipants